Psychologist and Trainer:

Kay L. Tomlinson, PhD

Kay holds a PhD in Depth Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. Her lifelong interest in horses is enhanced by experiences with her own herd.

She volunteered for four years as Lead Apprentice and Coordinator of the Relational Horsemanship Training Program at the Humane Society of Missouri’s Longmeadow Rescue Ranch, where she studied with horse trainer Scott Jaycox.

She currently follows the work of Frédéric Pignon and Magali Delgado, Paulette Evans, and Carolyn Resnick.

Kay says:

“For women in particular, there is something magical about the relationship with a horse. I’ve loved horses since I can remember, but only now, at sixty-something, am I learning to work with them.

“I do what’s called relational horsemanship. The focus of everything I do with the horses is aimed at developing confidence, trust, and willing cooperation on both sides. As my horses and I build our relationship, I find myself transformed.

“Horses are amazing teachers. In my private practice as a psychologist and trainer in the field of Equine Guided Learning, my horses and I work with individuals and groups to help improve emotional clarity, develop leadership skills, enhance self esteem, and find a deeper connection with horses.

“Without a doubt, the major influence in my own work is Linda Kohanov’s groundbreaking exploration of the relationship between humans and horses. From this perspective, horse and human are equal partners in a journey of transformation. Her book The Tao of Equus resonates with my own experiences with these amazing animals.

“I admire the methods of the natural horsemanship trainers like Scott Jaycox, Bill and Tom Dorrance, Monty Roberts, Linda and Pat Parelli, Clinton Anderson, and Dennis Reis. They have shown many of us a way to work safely, effectively, and compassionately with our horses. However, from the beginning of my journey with horses, I’ve been looking for a way of working with horses that allowed for an equal relationship with them.

“Some years ago I discovered the work of Carolyn Resnick and her Waterhole Rituals. Carolyn’s online courses, and a clinic I attended at her ranch, combined to get me going along the path to liberty work with my own horses.

“Currently, I’m studying online with Paulette Evans at Ribbleton Attunement. Paulette has a different and exciting way of working with horses at liberty that fits me and Galahad very well for the next part of our journey together.

“Late this summer I’ll be traveling to Wisconsin for a five-day clinic featuring Frédéric Pignon and Magali Delgado. These two are my absolute heroes, and I’m so excited about this trip!

“To read my stories and explore the transformative power of the horse, check out my blog linked at the top of these pages. And come experience the transformation yourself!”