“Feel-Good” Moments

There have been so many wonderful, memorable incidents during Midnight’s adventure–too many to list in one post, for sure! Here’s one of my personal favorites:

Midnight and Galahad

Midnight and Galahad

When Midnight was first allowed to walk around the ranch, what he wanted most of all to do was see and converse with other horses. All up and down the lane, he stopped to check in with his neighbors.

He stopped for a long time near the pasture, across the fence from the hay bale where all the geldings hang out. It wasn’t long before the boys came over to say hi.

I was so touched by the greeting Midders had for his old friend Galahad. Here’s the video. This greeting went on for many minutes, and what was so surprising and memorable was Galahad’s response. My big boy is usually playful and boisterous, and a very lively game of bite-face (usually followed by run-and-chase) is his favorite pastime. But on this afternoon, with Midnight, he was so gentle and loving that my heart just melted.

It didn’t end there. I sent the video link to a friend of mine, who showed her 18-month-old daughter the video. The next day I received this email:

“Thanks for sharing. Midnight looks amazing! I was showing the video to Marcie because she loves horses. During the part where Midnight is kissing Galahad she leaned in and kissed the screen of my phone. Too cute!”

I totally agree.