Long silence

Trail walkIt’s been nearly four months since I posted on either of my blogs. The reason, it seems, is that Midnight’s injury and long recovery took more out of me than I realized. A cold that started the day after Christmas kept lingering, and a bout with the flu in late January knocked me out for a couple of weeks. The cough lingered for most of February and triggered the pain in my tongue and jaw, which had been manageable up until then…. It got so bad that I went about six weeks in late February and March without a single full night’s sleep. That, friends, was NOT fun.

It felt like I “fell apart” right after Midnight’s condition improved to the point where we were no longer worried about his survival. I guess that at some level my body figured it was safe to let go the terrible focus and tension that had kept me pushing through that bitter winter, tending to him every day, and often twice or more each day. I’m no spring chicken, after all.

Anyway. It’s now nearly June and both I and Midnight are doing pretty darn well. Midders may never be quite as spry as he once was, but he’s loving his life! He’s able to walk, trot, and even canter when he feels like it, and he races the food wagon to his stall most days, twice a day. He’s always eager for a walk or a meal, and has gained weight despite the stress of these last few months.

As for me, I’m back to sleeping at night, worrying a whole lot less, and yes, I’m loving my life, too. I’m finally able to take clients again, and am looking forward to some exciting developments for the Alchemical Horse! Stay tuned!

This entry is just an explanation of this long silence, and a promise of posts to come on a much more regular basis. Thanks, readers, for checking in! I’ll talk with you soon!


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